Lucky Bear Rice Noodles - Pork Lard Flavour (Box 12x167g)

Each city has its own variety of noodles that hit the soul, such as Chongqing noodles, which are famous for its spicy flavor, Cantonese rice noodles with glutinous taste, Wuhan hot dry noodles with delicious flavor and Shanxi cut noodles with a smooth texture and internal tendons. It is the soul of the noodles that have been fried in full swing. However, in Changsha, there is such a bowl of noodles. It does not have a famous reputation, the recipe is so simple but the end result is so amazing & delicious. It’s cooked in pork lard oil!!!

Yes… The core of the taste is a few drops of pork lard, which seems to be oily but not greasy. In the past, when people were poor, people seldom had meat, so they cooked with pig skin. The leftovers were mixed with rice and eaten, but it was unexpectedly delicious, so it has been passed down through generations. Later, the rice was replaced with noodles and it has became many people’s snacks to large breakfasts. What money can’t buy is the taste of memories.

This bowl of pork lard noodles will cannot be refused!!!

Box Contents: 12 cups x 167g
Net Weight: 2.0kg
Shelf Life: 270 days

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